Friday, October 1, 2010

"Peace", "Berry Intense", and what on earth is a "yarnplayer"?

Hi all, yarnplayer here. The "yarn" part means I've always been interested in yarn crafts of all sorts. The "player" part can mean that I like playing with yarn, but it also means that in my spare time I play the cello. Hence, the cello player in my profile picture. Which, by the way, is an original handwoven tapestry that I wove myself, from my own handspun yarn.

I've been tatting over 30 years. I began hand dyeing thread for tatting in 2007, using the technique I learned at a dyeing workshop given by the local handweaver's guild. It occurred to me at the time, that tatters would enjoy hand dyed thread as much as weavers and knitters enjoy hand dyed yarn. I hand paint small batches, and I'm always experimenting with color. I DO NOT do custom orders, for a number of reasons. So, please enjoy choosing from what is in my Etsy shop, the selection is always changing.

I also design for tatting. Mainly jewelry, but I've designed a few doilies and other things, too. I've self published 2 books.

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Have fun with your tatting!

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